Summer Solstice

Wednesday 21st June is the Summer Solstice! Here’s what I think it’ll spell for your zodiac sign! 


The summer solstice is gonna get you pumped, but it’s Uranus in your sign that’ll be exciting you the most, making you so creative it’s untrue. This can also jangle your nerves a bit, although if you can keep it under control and challenge any nervous energy constructively, you’ll be in a much better place than you know. Old rigid structures in your life will crumble, and your spirit and progressiveness will influence others in the process. You could also likely feel frustration as things don’t happen quickly enough for you at home, but please have patience, because home is where the heart is after all.


You’re a vital component in a plan around that’ll take off around the time of the summer solstice. Or it might require your blessing. Of the waves of change that are rolling through your life, the one that’s going to open the channels of communication is most important. This sets off a chain reaction of surprise events in the next 30 days, and so what if your nerves are jangled a bit. This is an eventful time, plus your inner steely core stands you in good stead. Remember, there are certain things in life that have to fall apart in order that they are rebuilt for the better. Don’t be too quick to rush in their with mending. Allow the natural order of things to unfold.


You don’t need to be rolling in it to be happy and the summer solstice is about to prove this to you. If you take on the responsibility to make changes and say goodbye to what has been, then you’ll reap the benefits, and the summer solstice is also going to be absolutely marvellous for steering your life towards you demanding your worth in the future . All of this conspires to make you very aware of the changes that must happen in your life. You’ll go with these cosmic forces and no longer feel that there’s a straight jacket holding you back.


The start of the month was when you sought sanctuary in a quiet and very deep place within yourself. But this, the summer solstice, is the time of year when you really come into yourself and have bags of oomph. It’s summertime, the start of the new astrological year, and of course your birthday time. You hold all the cards right now, so if there’s something that you’re looking to change in your life, you’re going to let little stand in your way. Uranus, the planet of awakening, makes this an equally as pivotal time for being the individual that you are.


The time has come to talk about what you truly desire from life, not fear it, and it’s pretty much down to the summer solstice. Throughout this process, Saturn in your sister sign of Sagittarius gives you a realistic perspective, and there’ll be no standing still for you. That’s because this is a time to switch it up and not be left behind. Jupiter’s doing its job in Libra, and if you’ve been chewing over adding new skills to your repertoire, this is the time to go for it. There’ll be new beginnings no matter what pockets of resistance pop up.


Start the way you mean to go on, is what I'd say to you. It’s so important that you look not only at your creativity, but where you sit in the grand scheme of things. You might even have to take one for the team at around the time of the summer solstice. But this time is about more than just this. It’s about carving out new ways, cutting away any dead wood and looking ahead to what’s next in life. If things don’t fit, then you’ll change them. Simple as. The way forward is about realising your hopes and dreams through some kind of transformation. You’re also a lot more creative than you have been in a while.


The summer solstice awakens ambition in you and you’re certainly not going to let the grass grow under your feet, either now, or in the months ahead. Mars is also in a very strong position for you, making you a lot more single-minded than you have been in a while. Saturn going backwards in Sagittarius might have made you feel like you have been banging your head off a brick wall, but the message is getting through, trust me. Time to stand up and be counted and look to the long-term benefits that come from the work you put it now.


Decisions, decisions…then again I think the summer solstice will bring you decisiveness. And some new thought processes. Now’s the time for a holiday or for adding a new string to your bow in terms of new skills, There will also be lots of planning over your career too, and new ways of thinking are also key here, and Saturn might also bring you financial good fortune, once you decide to roll up those sleeves. Uranus continues to encourage the expression of your individuality, which I know you’re just loving. The solstice may also bring greater ease to your life, or it could make you more ambitious. Somewhere along the line we’re going to find out.


You’re on the threshold of an amazing summer, Sagittarius – full of action, surprises and going after what you truly need for yourself. What I love most about all of this is that you are tuning in to your inner self, and finding that you’re tapping into an amazing drive. This is only the start of all the change that is coming your way, and anything dreary and lifeless that’s been hanging around in your life starts to leave you now. You yearn to start something new, and will therefore be watching the deadwood gradually slip away into the distance. And not once will you flinch, because your instinct tells you it’s the natural order of things.


You can’t help but be grabbed by the sense of excitement in the air because of the summer solstice , the tempo of your life increases, and you get the go ahead for many of your ideas and plans and your relationships also get a bit of a cosmic shine put on them. Not only will you be awash with opportunity and all that comes with it, but you’ll also be gaining far greater insight into your life. You’ll also have the knack of uniting people and enthusing sourpusses. Major change is also on the way, and you’re aware of where you want to be in life, because of your hard work in the past. You’ll accomplish great things in what seems like leaps and bounds because of all the hard work you’ve done. It’s now paying off. Well done.


What does the summer solstice spell for you? Well, you’ll push with all your might to go forward now, and even in the face of any resistance, the likes of which may have held you back in the past. No more. You’re simply not going to put up with things that you may have suffered in the past. This is about freedom, and that sense of pushing the wagon up the hill with only one wheel that you may have felt now leaves you completely. As long as you keep your work-life balance, and employ that iron fist in a velvet glove approach, you’ll be a-okay. Remember it’s your charm and diplomacy that are your best allies.


The summer solstice puts a really big smile on your face, as you love it when you can work other people out. Don’t blow things out of proportion, though. Organise yourself. Streamline. Let go of dead wood as only you can. You could also find that you your creative brain is running on overtime, and you can’t stop mulling over thought after thought. This is why you’re seen to be in a quiet place by others at various points in the coming weeks. You’re likely going to be compelled to rid yourself of old fears and change the very fabric of your life, as the cosmos fills you with enough strength to see what is no longer a part of your life and no longer valid.