Gemini - Agate

Infamous for their multi faceted personalities - no not just known for being the twins of the zodiac - Gemini people require variety in all forms to ward off boredom and to keep life interesting. Because of this, the Gemini gemstone, the agate, does not disappoint. Because the agate comes in so many different colours and energetic properties, this stone can suit every variation in a Gemini's character. A tall order indeed!

Red agate or blood agate exudes protective energies that enhance strength, fertility and downright charm and lovability. Its power to enhance the friendliness and good nature of the wearer corresponds to Gemini's qualities of charm, humour and light heartedness. Banded agate, black agate, red, brown and tawny agate bear fiery energies that encourage the wearer to practice assertiveness. Black, white, green, and moss agate, bear earthy energies that protect the wearers health.

Specifically the wearer of green agate is thought to enjoy enhanced eyesight - a property that corresponds to the well known sparkle in a Gemini's eyes. In addition to its life lengthening healing powers, moss agate brings abundant treasure in the forms of flourishing gardens, material wealth and joyous friendships. Communicative Gemini tends to have sensitive nerves easily strained by information overload. Blue lace agate worn in jewellery or hand held, helps Gemini shed the tensions of every day life and maintain serenity at home and in relationships.

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