Leo - Ruby

The fiery red ruby is the perfect birthstone for fiery drama loving Leo. The flashing fire, warmth and power of the gemstone reflect the warmth and purity of Leo's loyal and loving heart. Indeed the heart is the part of the body associated with Leo, and no other stone is incorporated in heart shaped jewellery as often as the ruby.

The energies of the ruby correspond beautifully to the best qualities of proud Leo the lion, and those familiar with the tarot cards will recognise the image of the lion in the strength card. No animal is as protective of it brood as the mighty but loyal lion. Think of a lioness with her cubs!! Similarly the ruby brings both physical protection and spiritual strength to its wearer.

Rubies promote domestic and personal well being by warding off danger, fear and negative thought patterns. They also protect the body from the invasion of disease, and invite wealth power and joy.

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