Taurus - Emerald

The luscious green of the emerald reflects this stone's connection to the earth in all its abundance. Both Taurus and the emerald are ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, and enjoy a mythological association, naturally, with Venus the goddess of love. Many astrologers would also argue that the planet earth serves as a co-ruler of Taurus. Emeralds have the power to attract earthly abundance in the form of love, money and material pleasures.

It has been said that wearing emeralds eases breathing, clarifies eyesight and thought patterns and improves communication, so if you're applying for a loan, asking for a rise or on the search for a soul mate - wear an emerald! Sultry sensual Taurus has a healthy appetite for the material pleasures of the earth. Good food, good wine and of course good loving.

Because Taurus rules love and money, Taurean subjects have a distinct affection for wealth. Many Taureans become the frugal - sometimes downright stingy - managers of other people's money, but they display a weakness for generosity with their own funds, especially when spending allows them to share material pleasures with loved ones.

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