Sun, 30/04/2017

Monthly Horoscope for Leo

April 2017

All the fireworks going off in your sister sign of Aries is fabulous on top of fabulous. You'll sure have some strong opinions during these 30 days, but the key to this is that you could be changing your mind, and suddenly you may decide that what you...(Please login to read the rest of this horoscope)

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leo Woman

Big-hearted and determined, the Leo is the star of her own show. A wise distributor of tasks, she hides a strong intensity of purpose under her outwardly steady nature. She's renowned for her hunting skills and she's equally good at bringing home the kill, and she'll expect masses of attention for all her hard work. A natural ruler, the lioness assumes that she won't be ignored. If her pride is threatened, she'll pounce and a dramatic display of fireworks results. She is direct and honest in her actions, and expects other people to be as upfront as she...(read more)

leo Man

This man likes ruling. His pride and a certain charming arrogance shine through when he's being a big cat. When he decides to be a cub, he'll be playful and just as winning. But either way don't step on his toes: he'll roar, and go on roaring until you realise just how much you've broken his big heart and disturbed his dignity. The Leo man never does things in halves. He'll either be calm and stately in his dealings with people, or he'll opt for a commanding fashion. He wants respect, and he's not above acting dramatically in order to get it. Responsible...(read more)

Gem Stone Leo - Ruby

The fiery red ruby is the perfect birthstone for fiery drama loving Leo. The flashing fire, warmth and power of the gemstone reflect the warmth and purity of Leo's loyal and loving heart. Indeed the heart is the part of the body associated with Leo, and no other stone is incorporated in heart shaped jewellery as often as the ruby. The energies of the ruby correspond beautifully to the best qualities of proud Leo the lion, and those familiar with the tarot cards will recognise the image of the lion in the strength card. No animal is as protective of it...(read more)