Thu, 19/10/2017

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

October 2017

The harmony loving, balanced Libran sun this puts how you earn your daily bread to the top of your priority pile this month, Taurus, and with it issues connected to your worth, your health, your day-to-day routine and the busy little details of life....(Please login to read the rest of this horoscope)

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taurus Woman

This woman is the salt of the earth. Renowned for being self controlled, she's happiest being able to take life as it comes. Loyal and with much moral courage, when it comes to holding on to home and family she won't go on the rampage unless she's really provoked. The Taurus female appreciates quality in her life, but always has her feet on the ground. This is the woman who will haggle over the price of a Picasso and lovingly preserve grandma's hundred-year-old quilt. She most definitely has a mind of her own and dislikes showy intellectual gymnastics. Practical...(read more)

taurus Man

The first of the earth signs, it's no wonder Taurus man is seen as the feet on the ground, head on the shoulders reliable type. What would surprise others, however, is that he can be as tactile, tender and just as emotional as his female counterpart - but of course being a man, he must not show it. So it's all stiff upper lip, take it on the chin, I-can-cope-with-any-adversity-life throws-at-me kind of bravado he emits. Such bull!! Being a bull, of course, he has many of the bull's characteristics. Watch a Taurean man when his patience is stretched to...(read more)

Gem Stone Taurus - Emerald

The luscious green of the emerald reflects this stone's connection to the earth in all its abundance. Both Taurus and the emerald are ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, and enjoy a mythological association, naturally, with Venus the goddess of love. Many astrologers would also argue that the planet earth serves as a co-ruler of Taurus. Emeralds have the power to attract earthly abundance in the form of love, money and material pleasures. It has been said that wearing emeralds eases breathing, clarifies eyesight and thought patterns and improves...(read more)