Gemini Man

The Gemini man's childlike curiosity leads him to forever search for all the pieces of the jigsaw which make up his world.

He knows instinctively that collecting information will turn him from an inquisitive apprentice into a master, so his quest will be relentless.

His search for answers never ends and he always finds a use for each item of data that comes his way. So he is always learning, communicating and talking.

Usually experts at language skills, Gemini men may work with foreign languages, in the communications industry or even the computer world.

His ability to see both sides of an argument helps him to understand all points of view. He loves being multi-faceted and flexible in his responses to other people. In the right environment he shows a talent for mimicry, so he feels happiest where his quick wit and sense of humour are appreciated.

In attitudes to money and work he can veer from carefully collecting resources and working hammer and tongs to keep them, to scattering and frittering away not only money but ideas and energies. Yes the heavenly twins can, and do, work both ways, I'm afraid.

Essentially he is an ideas man who can put together a great package, and sell it! But he is just as liable to sound off about his ideas before he actually puts them into practice. It's then the more consistent people may benefit from what he begins but then forgets to finish because something else has distracted him.

On the plus side, Gemini is the sign of the millionaire, who shares his ideas.

With the right kind of support he learns to cultivate his money and resources, and will gain faith in himself along the way.

In love and relationships the Gemini man is a master of disguise.