Taurus Man

The first of the earth signs, it's no wonder Taurus man is seen as the feet on the ground, head on the shoulders reliable type. What would surprise others, however, is that he can be as tactile, tender and just as emotional as his female counterpart - but of course being a man, he must not show it. So it's all stiff upper lip, take it on the chin, I-can-cope-with-any-adversity-life throws-at-me kind of bravado he emits. Such bull!!

Being a bull, of course, he has many of the bull's characteristics. Watch a Taurean man when his patience is stretched to the limits. He quite literally paws the ground and has been known to snort. His eyes narrow and his head goes down, ready for battle. Lock horns with him and it's more than likely you won't win. That's because he's also stubborn, rigid and unyielding. This applies across the board at times, I'm afraid, in work related matters, over disputes in money and even in affairs of the heart.

Taureans are hard working. They are loyal, dedicated and don't give up easily. They are fiercely competitive at work and will keep their eye on the main chance at all times. They are patient too. They may lose out first time around, but you can bet your bottom dollar they won't make that same mistake twice. They find it very hard to give up and have an unyielding faith in themselves, which is very hard to break, and will continue to think situations can be saved even when they're dead in the water.

Taurus is the most practical and reliable sign of the zodiac. They are happy to plod along until they reach their goals. The great news is that when they get to the finishing line, they reward themselves sumptuously.

Oh, yes, they love good food, good wine, expensive cars, clothes and, of course, a beautiful accessory in the shape of a mate.

Taureans are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, and they like all three in abundance. However, when they mate they like to think that it's for life. No matter how much they're tempted, they very rarely stray. If, however, their partner does, they will be unforgiving.

Taurus men are sensual creatures who love to be touched, adored, cosseted and wrapped in loving arms in a committed relationship. Their sex drive can be rather high at times, and it's when they get that snorting bull look in their eyes that their partner knows there's no escape.

Taurus rules the neck and throat, so that is where their main health problems lie. And although it may seem minor where ailments are concerned, it can floor them if it gets too bad.