Taurus Woman

This woman is the salt of the earth. Renowned for being self controlled, she's happiest being able to take life as it comes.

Loyal and with much moral courage, when it comes to holding on to home and family she won't go on the rampage unless she's really provoked. The Taurus female appreciates quality in her life, but always has her feet on the ground.

This is the woman who will haggle over the price of a Picasso and lovingly preserve grandma's hundred-year-old quilt.

She most definitely has a mind of her own and dislikes showy intellectual gymnastics.

Practical and dependable, she's a tower of strength in a crisis, doing what she has to do with calm deliberation. But don't presume to contradict or rush her once her mind is made up. She'll carry through her own plans in her own time and at her own pace: slowly.

This woman works hard and steadily. She's to be found where reliability and tranquillity are appreciated. She doesn't take to change easily and resents defiance and disobedience. She won't take short cuts at work, neither will she make hasty judgements. She's the one to double check projects and will carry them through when the going gets too tough for others.

The Taurus female is a giver, but she'll expect a fair reward for her efforts. What she gets, she'll hold on to.

Tenacity is her strong point and obstinacy her weakest.

She thrives in an atmosphere where she can create her own traditions and routines. “Well tested is worth repeating” is this woman's working motto.

The Taurus lady is sensual and sensible. Something of an earth Goddess, she'll need a partner who can bring home the bacon, and provide pleasure in the bedroom. She's a one-man woman, and although she won't raise storms if her man admires a pretty face, all Hell will be let loose if he strays.

She is loyal, but possessive and unbending, if her security is threatened.

She runs her home like a tight ship and she'll tolerate interference from no one: husband, children or mother-in-law.

Although tender and loving with her babies, and loving the sheer physicality of her offspring, she expects her children to work as hard as she does. She exudes an air of serenity herself, but finds the confusion and mayhem of adolescence difficult to handle. Tolerating differences is the growth point for Taurus women.

Not everyone needs to work as doggedly and persistently as she does. Occasionally inflexible, she needs to know that there are times when frivolity and energetic fun, will inject a breathe of fresh air into her sometimes staid attitudes.

Consistent, kindly and stoical, this woman takes most things in her stride, but behind those placid eyes she holds the moon between those bovine horns and since the moon constantly changes shape, this is something the Taurus woman might remember.