Hello. I wanted to check in with you all again and tell you about this full moon in Gemini on November 27. I reckon it heralds a return to fun, spontaneity, and oiling the wheels of communication, especially ahead of the next Mercury retrograde on December 13 when all this will be thrown into the air. Here’s what I sense it will mean for your star sign.

Full moon in Gemini for Aries


You see the funny side when other people might miss it entirely because you’re quick-witted and sharp and on the ball. Being such a ray of sunshine, you love taking leaps of faith in others, giving them the thumbs-up, and chucking a vote of confidence their way. You attract all this back too, of course. You have a way with words that helps you get your way, and radiate charisma even when others are sticks in the mud.


Full moon in Gemini for Taurus

This full moon in Gemini gives you the Midas touch. Yes, it’s a wonderful energy under which to make money and sound financial investments, as well as investing in the right sort of people and scenarios that recognise your value and worth. Under pressure, you’re as cool as a cucumber, and lunar forces likewise leave you with a greater appetite for success and a killer instinct for making all the right decisions for yourself rather than cheerleading others left, right and centre. 


Full moon in Gemini for Gemini


A full moon in your sign tells me that you’re comfortable in your own skin and loving it. Emotionally centred and satisfied, or kind of feeling like you have had your fill of old stagnant scenarios. This is your opportunity to close a door on the past you might have been leaving ajar despite it going against your instincts or better judgement. Get ready to lock on even moving targets and create new opportunities for yourself and acquire something new in the process. This could be the start of a phase when you add many more strings to your bow.

Full moon in Gemini for Cancer


Loose links sink ships, and you can, and probably will be as discreet as an oyster. You cut through any smokescreens, no matter how thick they are or how much others try to throw you off the scent. This full moon in Gemini is the culmination of an energy shift, and you’re probably in a contemplative mood, and happy sitting with your thoughts and keeping your own counsel, especially if you’re unclear about who to tell or what to do. If you feel like an opinion or thought is not fully formed, then you are perhaps best to hang fire and hold back.

Full moon in Gemini for Leo


Well ahead of the curve is where you are by the light of this full moon in Gemini. It’s the type of energy that encourages you to play by your own rules. Strengthen the bonds of friendship when you’re not doing your revolutionary number. Your individuality is key here, even in group dynamics. You might also feel like making snap decisions, upturning plans or confounding others’ expectations of you. You love to shock too no doubt.

Full moon in Gemini for Virgo


A tower of strength. That’s you beneath this full moon in Gemini shining down from the top of your chart. These moonbeams could also shine a light on a hope, dream, wish, or ambition that you parked in the past, or didn’t have the time or focus to manifest. You might also have to step up into a leadership position, hear of a promotion, or feel like you want to work towards climbing the ladder at work.

Full moon in Gemini for Libra


You connect with this full moon on a deeper level, Gemini being a fellow air sign and all, but you also know exactly when to skim the surface of other stuff to cleverly free up your time or do your social butterfly number. Knowing a little about a wide range of subjects stands you in good stead right now. Making travel plans or doing something that takes you out of your routine is also incredibly well starred here, Libra. 

Full moon in Gemini for Scorpio


The full moon in Gemini relights your fire and it could smoulder well into the new year. This is a fearless place for the moon when it comes to commitment and making shared plans with people who have the guts to roll up their sleeves and give their all to make a relationship work. Get ready for passion too, as this is one of the most intense placements for igniting and re-igniting the physical side of a relationship.


Full moon in Gemini for Sagittarius



This full moon lights up your partnership zone, so love and affection are still alive in your life, despite you might always recognise this. You might see a partnership through new eyes, and full moons do tend to act like great big celestial full-stops in our lives, or the start of you winding something up that is no longer working for you. This is nothing to feel guilty about. Everything waxes and wanes. 

Full moon in Gemini for Capricorn


No pulling the wool over your eye under this full moon. You have an eye for detail and some. This is a wonderful time to make plans that stick and to change something about your everyday life and routine that you have fallen out of love with, or that feels so repetitive, boring and unrewarding. You have a lot of creativity to fall back on because of other plants in your horoscope, plus a spiritual connection to self, and others.

Full moon in Gemini for Aquarius


Get ready for fun times and plenty of them. This isn’t about burning the candles at both ends but organising fun stuff that means a lot and is memorable and that involves doing something creative rather than run-of-the-mill stuff that you always do. It may be down to you to plan this, or you might be surprised when somebody else does. And this is a surprising full moon and one that sets you free from the expectations that others project onto you. 

Full moon in Gemini for Pisces

Are you stockpiling enough food to survive a nuclear winter? This is a cosy, comforting full moon, so you might decide to close the door on the world and snuggle up to your loved one and enjoy a binge-watching marathon. You might hear from close family or friends who you regard as family, and this is also a time for coming up with imaginative decor ideas. Make sure you treat yourself kindly – or just treat yourself! 


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