I hope you’re doing okay and welcome to my blog. This one’s on how I use tarot cards – one of the tools I use as an online psychic to help connect with you during a remote Zoom online psychic reading.

Psychics, clairvoyants and seers use tarot to divine the future and provide counsel over a particular question, or for a general reading. Sometimes the tarot leads the way, taking me off in a direction that is completely off-topic from the original question. This is when things usually get interesting in an online tarot reading.

The tarot has a mind – or force – of its own.

Why get a professional tarot reading?

You can pick up a pack of tarot cards quite easily, read the booklet that comes with it, and reference each card with an explanation of its meaning. And you’re off. The stop/start of consulting the guide all the time is a pain in the neck, plus you lose the invaluable holistic approach that I bring, after many years of reading my clients using tarot. More often than not, I don’t happen to agree with the interpretations that come with the cards anyway, plus each reading is unique, lit by the aura of the client and all the other energies I tap into on top of the cards. There’s no blanket approach to the way I read.

Why you can’t really read yourself

There are other things to know about tarot cards, like how to store them. It’s not recommended that you read yourself or dabble in this ancient art for fun or entertainment. Or, like many people tend to do, read your cards daily. I don’t know how many times I have to put off my clients from coming back too soon after a reading for a follow-up, and this can be three or six months afterwards. The energies and predictions from the original reading haven’t had enough time to materialise. So, daily readings are setting you up for all kinds of confusion and scattered energy.

Even if you read others as practice, the likelihood is you’ll be prejudiced by what you already know about them. Another reason why you should put your trust in me.

And trust is immensely important.  I am a trusted psychic with over 30 years of experience and all my readings are in complete confidence. It’s often much easier to speak to someone that you don’t know personally. That way, you won’t be as likely to hold back and then kick yourself for not asking the one key question you had in your head or your heart but held back on for whatever reason.

What to expect when you have an online psychic reading from me

The first thing I will do is put you at ease. This is not a test or something to fear, ever. I fuse the disciplines of psychic gifts and experience, astrology, intuition, mysticism, mediumship etc. to paint a picture of your life, as well as tarot cards. Illuminating your present and how you arrived there is what the cards reveal, and I offer you counsel on how you might want to do things differently in the future to break out of a negative holding pattern.

A psychic tarot reading often brings brand new future predictions, and as an experienced tarot reader, I often see scenarios and perhaps even people that will figure in them. Chances are, you might recognise the person straight away from my description. If not, then they are yet to arrive in your life.

The Celtic Cross tarot spread

There are a few staple tarot card spreads, like the Celtic Cross, with you, the subject, at its heart. It reveals obstacles you might be facing, which influences are leaving you or in front of you, what’s in your head, how others perceive you etc. Then there’s the solution and likely outcome of course. I use this and many other configurations of tarot, depending on what I pick up on at the time.

My unique tarot interpretations

I’ve honed my tarot skills over many many years of practice, reading people from all walks of life and all over the world. My interpretations and observations are based on intuition and experience over the years. They are uniquely mine. This required dedication and time, and that’s why I feel that you shouldn’t put your trust in the hands of novices.

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