Frank Pilkington:

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Zoom Psychic Readings

Frank offers video Zoom readings. You also get a copy of your video reading emailed to you to keep forever.


Up to 30 minutes

What people say about their readings…

“Brilliant face to face reading with Frank, he was amazingly accurate about everything and made the whole reading fun and meaningful, thoroughly recommend this enjoyable experience, thanks again Frank xx”

M Russell

“I had my very 1st meeting with Frank tonight and I cannot recommend a 1 to 1 reading enough. It has been life changing for me after tonight and can’t thank you enough Frank. You are my shinning light at the end of that dark dark tunnel xx”

C Hunter

“Have had a few readings from Frank in the past, always been spot on, maybe not what you want to hear at the time but does come to fruition. He is sometimes quite blunt and straight to the point, that is what I love be about him. Doesn’t just tell you what he thinks you want to hear. Keep up the good work. Thank you

A Don

“Absolutely amazing had my first reading over 20 something years ago it was exactly how he said it was amazingly accurate wonderful psychic and a very warm hearted person. You would have to be from another plant not to enjoy a reading from Frank extraordinary character and witty humorous person but apart from the experience of meeting and having a reading it’s just an unbelievable it’s a very uplifting event

E Carmichael