Hello again. November already. Scorpio season. Are you ready for some subtle shifts in the energies that are nevertheless deeply transformative?

In other news, I keep getting asked about the 12 houses in astrology and what they mean, so here it is in a nutshell.

The importance of the 12 houses in astrology: What are they? What do they mean?

There are 12 astrological houses in a horoscope, each relates to various aspects of life – home, money, health, work etc. Each is tied in with one of the 12 signs, the first house with Aries, the second house with Taurus and so on.

They’re important because how more or less prominent they are in your horoscope dictates your attitude towards these areas of life. When a planet moves through, or transits, a house the house and all that it stands for comes alive and so does your interest in that particular area of life.

The zodiac sign that falls on each of your house cusps (the start of each house) and planets in the house in your natal horoscope also colour how you approach that specific area of life. They show where you where you have promise, like creatively (fifth house), or career (tenth house). So, if you have Saturn in your tenth house, for example, you might have a serious demeanour in public and be concerned about looking professional, climbing the career ladder. 

Check out your birth chart to find out which houses are prominent (the ones with planets in basically) and then cross-reference it with my descriptions of each house below.

I can do your birth chart for you if you get in touch.

Oh and I should also mention there are various types of house system, but the most widely used are ‘equal house’ and ‘Placidus’ but that’s getting into all the technical stuff.

House by astrological house


First house in astrology


The first house is the Aries house, and people with an influential first house are great self-promoters. This is the house of self and ego, and this is one of the most important houses because it contains the ascendant. Planets in it, colour the entire horoscope because they exert more power here.


Second house in astrology


The second house is the Taurus house. A prominent second house in the birth chart puts emotional and financial security at the top of the list because the two are intertwined whenever this house is a key player in a horoscope. It’s associated with the acquisition and self-worth, anything you attach value to really.


Third house in astrology


The third house is the Gemini house which dictates how we communicate and how we relate to our siblings and/or the people we see daily. When it sticks out in a horoscope, it produces people with enquiring minds and rules our locale – neighbours and siblings, aunts and uncles.


Fourth house in astrology


The fourth house relates to the star sign, Cancer. This is an important house because, like the tenth house, it reveals what we inherit from our parents. It relates to the past and how we were nurtured and how we, too, nurture. People with it prominent in their horoscopes are often sentimental and nostalgic, or there are clues to their early life and what shaped them.


Fifth house in astrology


The fifth house is the Leo house and relates to fun, recreation, procreation and the raising of children – plus all forms of speculation and love affairs and fun. People with prominent fifth houses often have a lust for life and creative ability – they also love the arts, theatre and performance.


Sixth house in astrology


The sixth house in astrology rules Virgo. This house strong in the horoscope usually means that a person’s self-worth is bound up in their job and routine, and feeling useful makes them happy. This house also stands for health, well-being and being of service to others.



Seventh house in astrology


The seventh house in astrology is the Libra house, and when it plays a starring role in a horoscope the person won’t feel complete until they find the other half of their whole. It rules all forms of partnerships in life and dictates whom we’re attracted to and what we unconsciously ‘advertise’ for in terms of the opposite energy we radiate from the ascendant.


Eighth house in astrology


The eight house is the one we know the least about and it’s no surprise that it rules Scorpio. Mysterious types often have a big eighth house thing going on in their horoscopes, and it is also connected to legacies, inheritances and shared finances.


Ninth house in astrology


Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that’s tied in with the ninth astrological house. It rules travel, philosophy, religion, and higher thinking. Those with it prominent in their horoscope like to develop their intellects as they age – the eternal students in many ways. People may live abroad when the ninth house is prominent, have a partner from another country, or have a long-distance relationship.


Tenth house in astrology


The tenth house in astrology is the Capricorn house. It contains what is called the midheaven, right at the top of the chart, and this gives us clues to where we are heading in life, like in our career or other life goals. A person likes to be seen to be successful when the tenth house is emphasised or they may have a lot of responsibility to shoulder.


Eleventh house in astrology


This is the Aquarius house, the eleventh house. You can never have too many friends when this one stands out in a horoscope chart. A person with a strong social conscience and a magnetic appeal is produced, or someone who is a rebel at heart, or doesn’t really fit in.


Twelfth house in astrology


People with a strong spiritual twelfth house, the Pisces house, can be hard to read. This is the house of secrets, karma and the subconscious, and the lovely people with it prominent in their charts are caring, sentimental and perhaps even psychic. This is also the house of the undoing and is where we hide our shadow self or our fears.

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