Birth Chart. Natal chart. Horoscope chart. Astrology chart. Zodiac chart. They’re all one and the same – a blueprint, a snapshot of the heavens at the exact time you drew your first breath, and totally unique to you.

As unique as a fingerprint.

And birth charts are still as popular today as when I was the astrologer for The Sunday Mail newspaper. We once gave away a free birth chart and I had to cast somewhere in the region of 5000!

I always consult the natal chart during my personal readings because together with my psychic gift, it can unlock your potential by identifying what really motivates you, the people that you hook into your life time after time, the other patterns and psychological habits you form in your daily life and your ability to break out of them and shape new beginnings.

Unlock your potential with your birth chart

Your birth chart can really unlock your potential, but it takes someone that knows what they’re doing to get the most out of it. As part of my personal readings, I fuse my psychic with my astrology practice to bring you a truly in-the-round perspective that’s as unique as your birth chart.

Your birth chart shines a light on your strengths and weaknesses in a fascinating way and gives you the building blocks to work with to construct new outlooks, as well as pull your focus, once you’re truly ready, toward that which you might wish to manage or temper or work on so that you can fulfil ambitions in your career and your personal life.

And get out of your own way.

Your sun sign is the tip of the iceberg

Your sun sign really is only the tip of the iceberg, and there’s a good chance you might have likewise heard of your rising sign and moon sign being important components in your birth chart.

Your rising sign is the one that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth, and the moon sign is where the moon was at that time.

Astrologers still can’t agree on which of the three is most important, if any.

But, generally speaking, the sun sign is your ego path in life, and what you might strive for, in terms of the highest expression of that sign’s energy. The moon sign is connected to emotions and how you express yours and what you need to feel safe and secure, and how you view your mother or nurturing influence.

The rising sign is the one that causes most differences of opinion. Some stargazers say it’s the mask you wear when you go out into the world, or what you project, others say that it’s just as strong as the sun and moon signs for shaping the personality and life-path.

But we all converge on the opinion that all three have a bearing on the type of person we are drawn to.

Then we have other key planets, or personal planets.

The sign Venus speaks volumes about how your style of love and what you truly value, materially, spiritually, and emotionally. Mars represents how and where you direct your energy. Mercury’s sign is an indicator of how you communicate.

The outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune, while still having a bearing on you personally, are more concerned with generational influences, because they are more slow-moving and remain in signs for years and years.

Your natal chart and love

Then we come to everybody’s favourite topic: themselves.

Your birth chart shows you how to love yourself and what healthy self-worth looks like as well as shine a light on that which you value most about yourself and in the qualities you exalt others, as well as the attributes (and even the star sign) of your ideal partner.

It can even tell you how many significant relationships you are likely to have and when, and what you need to have in your life at any given time, thus where you focus your energy.

Astrology chart and observations

That’s why it’s an essential tool in my practice as for many astrologers, but it’s not something that you can learn overnight. It comes from observation and from over 40 years of reading people and finding patterns in what I see in them and their astrology charts.

Observation is key and that’s why astrologers with years of experience under their belts are often the most successful with predictions, spiritual steers, and general chart analysis. 

Your zodiac chart and family

The zodiac chart can also tell you about your relationship with your mother and other key members of your family. It is also a great way to see what you need in emotional terms in terms of nurturing and self-care and we can also plumb psychological depths and look at what has shaped you in terms of your early influences and experiences.

Astrology and your destiny 

This astrological blueprint is something that you can work with.

This energy only ever inclines rather than compels and it’s, therefore, one of many stepping stones to self-understanding leading to a better grasp of the world around you too. 










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