Fasten your seatbelts for all sorts of dramas in March 2023.

Fateful Pluto slinks into cucumber-cool Aquarius on March 24th, but before all that, it’s the turn of that old devil called Saturn to hog the limelight when he makes a pilgrimage into spiritual Pisces on March 8th.

Am I gonna be Jesus or Judas?

Talk about confusion.

This is a biggie folks.

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Saturn in Pisces is about the wider world as much as it is your own personal journey and your horoscope.

Pisces is spiritual, Saturn is dyed-in-the-wool practical, and some might say too gritty a planet for this delicate wee sign, but it will settle down fully in Pisces and do its job as it does in all the signs.

Whenever a planet moves into the final sign of the 12 in the horoscope, there is judgment, reckoning, the end of a cycle.

Humanity might be working harder toward a new goal because Saturn does like an uphill struggle and Pisces does too, but in that self-sacrificing way, or doing themselves down.

And to that I say, get off the cross –  someone else needs the wood.

It’s the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl and there’s plenty of grit with Saturn and here’s mud in your eye, Pisces, the sign that likes escapism, but also into the imagination.

This is where their gems of ideas and creativity are found.

There’s something otherworldly about this wonderful, mystical and often mysterious sign but with the planet of reality in there until February 13th 2026, there might be tensions at the start of a few wobbles, or ring-fencing of belief systems, or the formation of new ones, or we might see played out on the world stage some type of new movement ( and especially considering the move of Pluto into the sign of popular protest, Aquarius, and more about that one in a moment) that has at its heart a spiritual mission or turns its back on consumerism.

You might say that every family has its Cinderella but why cast yourself in this role when you don’t have to? This is what Saturn in Pisces can incline us all toward on a personal level.

You can work hard for YOU and you can shape your life in a way that gels with your own ambition and Saturn can help you make dreams a reality and you have ample time to work things through because of his long-term tenancy in this sign.

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Then we come to Pluto entering Aquarius. Pluto is passion. Often volcanic. The type of feelings that arrive out of the blue and remind us we’re alive. Aquarius on the other hand is passionate by being dispassionate. It prefers to be on the outskirts and as Pluto is the outermost planet, they have this in common.

But what does Pluto in Aquarius mean for the world at large and for you?

Think progressive. Think visionary ideas. Think brave people making a stand to alter the course of all our destinies. Sounds very dramatic doesn’t it – but this is another one of the hallmarks of Pluto.

Get ready for the most profound shifts in civil rights and humanitarianism (the province of Aquarius) and environmental issues. We are going to see some radical changes here. Pluto doesn’t do anything by half measures and this could unite governments as well as families as what Aquarius teaches us in its charming contradictory and paradoxical way is that the individual can make a stand but so can the collective. It’s about being a cog in a wheel, but a very shiny and individualist cog at that.

This all takes time of course and Pluto will be in Aquarius for about three months this year, returning  to Capricorn for fractionally more than seven months.

In 2024, it will remain in Aquarius for more than seven months before returning to Capricorn for two and a half months in the autumn, from where it will finally and permanently change to Aquarius on November 19, 2024.

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