Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog!

Christmas was quieter than usual for me. It gave me time to reflect on what’s to come in 2023 and on the strength of my psychic visions and after casting a few horoscope charts, here are a few of my thoughts.

Today (6th January) there’s a full moon in Cancer, signalling an emotional start to the year for us all. Family. Emotions a little closer to the surface. This is what this moon placement in astrology is all about. This is your time to make your feelings known and set the tone for a year of disclosure. Being behind the door never got anyone anywhere. Sideways approaches can be equally as effective too rather than being all gung-ho!

It’s amazing how many of my private consultations so far this year have been focussed on family matters, by the light of this full moon energy. Book yours here.

Psychic astrologer Scotland: Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter moved into Aries in December last year and this one’s a biggie and continues to be. Aries is the first sign, so this is the start of a new cycle for us all.

Fabulous for firing up new ideas that you have and it’s by stoking the bigger furnace and not limiting yourself to limited thinking that you will give flight to your biggest and best ideas. Jupiter doesn’t do well when its energy is hemmed in by confined thinking.Also a great time to make good on promises to yourself and not tie yourself down to exact dates as to when you are going to make that change. You have the power to mould things to your own advantage on your own terms. The pilot light to that fire in your belly is already lit. It’s up to you to stoke it.This is also a great time to be self-focused and not feel guilty about it. You can be almost warlike in your search for your truth. Nobody else’s. Jupiter is the planet of luck and sometimes the greatest stroke of luck is not getting what you thought you wanted!

Astrology reading UK: Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto’s move into  Aquarius on Mar 23, to Jun 11, 2023, is a pivotal moment and a taste of things to come.Fasten your seatbelts is all I can say. It’s been in earthy Capricorn since 2008 and with all the changes this has brought to political structures, this will be your time to start to box clever on the strength of what it has reshaped in its wake, because Aquarius is an air sign. Perhaps the cleverest sign too.

To work clever. To express your individuality in ways  that allow you to think outside the box, all of this will grip you and shape your decisions, and especially in areas connected to your deepest desires and where destiny plays a part. This could also bring out ideas in a way that helps to make the world a better place. This is of course the sign that is humanitarian. Of hugging trees. Of popular protest. Get ready. It’s all to come and we’re already seeing the seeds of it being sown right around the world.

Best UK psychic: Saturn in Pisces

Then we have Saturn in Pisces on the 8th March. The planet of sacrifice in the name of hard work in the sign of self-sacrifice. This is a time to get motoring spiritually. Apply some industriousness to your thinking beyond this realm and perhaps look to a new belief system. One that has more to do with your private beliefs, but they have to be able to be applied to your everyday life, with a focus on fighting the good fight. You might know where you are going, or think you do, but you might not get to where you expect to.

That song by Joni Mitchell, Clouds, came to mind.

In it, she sings of seeing life from both sides now, and there’s something in this gorgeous song that resonates here about this energy. It’s life’s illusions that I recall, I really don’t know life at all, are some of the lyrics.

And that’s the key here – to perhaps stop trying to make sense of absolutely every aspect or put a rational or scientific explanation to it. Sometimes ‘just because’ is the best answer. In astrology, Saturn’s rings represent confinement, and that’s the learning here – not to restrict your emotional or spiritual development.

See you next time.


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