Lucky Jupiter’s moving on May 16th into the sign that lights up what we value most in life, Taurus. He gets his feet under the table until May 25th, 2024, so this one’s a biggie.

All 12 zodiac signs will feel the force of this one. Big time. This is the biggest planet, after all.

Jupiter in Taurus: what’s it all about?

Will life be a bed of roses when this planet of sweet success is in the first of the earth signs?

Are we all gonna get rich quick?

Hold your horses.

Taurus is a workhorse sign, so nothing comes easy, and nothing comes from nothing. Yet this combo can and will give your hopes and dreams a shot of stamina, especially the financial ones.

No romance without finance either. Relationships might take on more of a transactional quality and both feet must be on the ground when we’re deciding if romantic couplings, partnerships,  or friendships are worth the investment.

I’d say that we all need to visualise results to make them manifest and start doing rather than thinking about it and not doing anything about it. Any planet in Taurus for any length of time demands that we all get our shoulders to the wheel.

This cycle dampens down the risk-taking that Jupiter in Aries might have encouraged, replacing those impulses with clearer goals, and a roadmap to them.

To become prosperous or successful in the area of the horoscope Jupiter lights up for your star sign, you must know your worth and have a positive self-image, draw upon your resourcefulness, and look to the long-term where financial investments are concerned.

What happened in previous Jupiter in Taurus transits?

When Jupiter was last in Taurus – and also think about what happened in your life during these dates too for a sense of what this energy brings you – there were some expansive events on the world stage, typical of Jupiter’s progressive equality:

From June 4th, 2011, to June 11th, 2012. (The Mars Science Laboratory or ‘Curiosity Rover’ successfully lands on Mars).

June 28th, 1999 to October 23rd, 1999 (Queen Elizabeth II opens the Scottish Parliament) and then, February 14th, 2000, to June 30th, 2000.

March 8th, 1988, to July 21st, 1988, and then November 30th, 1988, to March 10th, 1989. (The first World Aids Day.)

March 26th, 1976, to August 23rd, 1976, (The Apple Computer Company was established by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) and then October 16th, 1976, to April 3rd, 1977.

April 12th, 1964, to April 22nd, 1965. (The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is signed into law by President Johnson and Dr Martin Luther King, Jr receives the Nobel Peace Prize)

Jupiter in Taurus for Aries

Time to buckle up for a year of boosted self-worth, bringing your A-game, dusting off those glad rags and getting back on the horse if recent events knocked you off it and sent your self-worth flying.

You’re worth it, Aries. You know you are. Or you will.

This is a fortunate time for you if you are planning to save or spend or for acquiring something new in your life, either materially, or a new attitude.

Your love luck springs from you focusing more on your security than you have been doing and not letting someone fob you off with excuses because your focus is firmly on the long term. Now’s the time you need to know that someone’s with you for the long haul and that they want the same things as you instead of just living in a state of perpetual hopefulness with nothing ever changing.

Jupiter in Taurus for Taurus

Lady Luck is banging the bull drum this year, big style, and you love it large. You’re all about the largesse in life, you see, and this is your year for indulging in some of that luxuriant side we all know and love you for.

Yes, I know there’s a cost of living crisis, but you don’t like to slum it the whole time, and as luck would have it, there are some lovely opportunities ahead.

Jupiter will bring you some form of gift that might take many forms, so rally that famous patience of yours. Sometimes the greatest stroke of luck is not getting what you think you want.

Making your life bigger and better comes with the territory, and believing your own hype. That’s because this planet in your sign suits you down the ground, and it’s very much a case of both feet on the ground for you too as you look to the stars.

Any toast you drop might start landing butter-side up.

This energy is in starker contrast to what you’ve just experienced over the other signs because Jupiter is moving out your horoscope’s twighlight zone.

Jupiter in Taurus for Gemini

Jupiter’s move into one of the most complex parts of your horoscope might allow you to start believing in yourself and on your terms, and they might be quieter than the other signs, even though this can be a mouthy planet.

It’s the subtleties of life that you’re drawn to and arriving at conclusions in your own sweet time by keeping your own counsel.

Or you hear what you want to hear and believe what you want to believe, or you’re looking at belief systems perhaps, or it’s your spiritual side that gets an airing in the next twelve months.

Life can be sweet. If you’re newly single or you’ve been this way for ages, you can perhaps start to enjoy spending more time alone or doing things that enrich your life that you might have not really given a chance in the past.

The longer-term single life might also hold greater appeal as you possibly get comfier with your own company.

Jupiter in Taurus for Cancer

All together now, ‘Thank you for being a friend’ – and all you crabs will be scuttling toward friends that don’t seem to give a hoot what people think and just get on with it. That do things on their terms and follow their own rules and that are perhaps not the best at wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Or this energy seems to attach itself to you.

Love brings friendship and friendship brings love, and so this might be the year where a new relationship starts from what started out as platonic. Jupiter’s about abundance and for you, this is about asserting your individuality, perhaps making the start of new relationships a little rockier than usual. But it can lead to firm foundations because there’s an honesty to this approach.

You might also join a group that expands your life and where you feel heard, or where one of your personal philosophies might be turned on its head, and this is a topsy-turvy time for you, but fun with it.

Just don’t be a dog in a manger, and be mindful of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Jupiter in Taurus for Leo

Jupiter’s moving to the top of your horoscope, so you’re heading the bill. Again. It’s your natural habit.

This also means that there are fewer hiding places when it comes to your feelings and aspirations, and this is a lucky time for your career and for expanding it. New learning. Adding more strings to your bow. It’s all up for grabs, Leo.

Contrary to what you read elsewhere about Leo, I don’t think you’re always that gushy and sometimes you can be a little reserved when you really like someone, and Jupiter here can help boost your confidence by empowering you in personal areas too.

You’re perhaps at your luckiest when you make yourself vulnerable. You could fall for your boss or under the spell of a person who’s a bit controlling for other people’s tastes or someone that you previously, and mistakenly, thought was out of your league.

Jupiter in Taurus for Virgo

You can wax lyrical about lots of things and especially so once Jupiter finds his feet in your sister sign in the part of your horoscope connected to expanding the higher mind, philosophy, and travel. This means that you might be spreading your wings this year by travelling more.

This can also send your imagination soaring or draw you into a new belief system – one that expands your life rather than constricts you with its dogma.

This is a time for long-distance love too perhaps? You might decide that you don’t want to be fettered by a relationship and embark on a year of dating wildly different people to what you’re used to, or going for somebody different to your usual type. Intellect plays a big part in this chemistry.

Jupiter in Taurus for Libra

Are you ready for some chats about shared assets and finances that you might have avoided for ages?

Jupiter will be in one of the most mysterious parts of your chart and one of the most sexual too. Think greater allure. Think seduction. Think fantasies. One of the wonderful things about this part of the chart is that it’s connected to the long-term and to you getting more than one crack at the whip to get something right that will stand you in good stead, quite possibly for years down the line.

If you’ve been thinking about adding to some financial portfolio or property one, this might be the year to carefully digest all the information you can about it. You might also be looking at ways that you can improve communication regarding something that you have joint ownership or responsibility for.

Jupiter in Taurus for Scorpio

Are you about to be dazzled by a new presence in your life, larger than life that seems too good to be true? If you’re on the lookout for love, this is what Jupiter’s gift to you might be. But you might also have to try and park that natural suspicion of yours and give this person a chance.

They might actually turn out to be the real deal.

Jupiter in your opposite sign can also switch you on to all sorts of new belief systems and philosophies that you see working in the lives of others, or you might meet people in the next 12 months or so that switch you on to them.

You might find that established relationships get a shot in the arm too and that any sense of them flagging or being imbalanced is put right as Jupiter likes to fight the good fight and is all about fairness and equality as much as he is about luck.

And speaking of which, there’s also a lot of luck attached to the people that you hook in, or that gravitate towards you.

Jupiter in Taurus for Sagittarius

As for all you Sagittarius folk, this is your ruling planet, so any move it makes is a BIGGIE.

This is your chance to shake up your daily routine and draw a line under anything that’s been sucking the life-force right out of you. You don’t do very well when faced with stultifying routine and going through the motions and this Jupiter in Taurus can put paid to all of this.

And as well as changes in your daily routine, you might also think about expanding your career or going for that promotion, or allowing energies in that help you deal more efficiently with obstacles or not overlook the detail of things. And the devil will most definitely be in the detail this year.

The fates might also be conspiring towards you getting fit if a lack of body confidence has been making you hide your love away.

Jupiter in Taurus for Capricorn

Fun. That’s what Jupiter’s move into fellow earthy Taurus means for you, Capricorn.

There’s luck showing around what you do recreationally and this is the perfect time to do something musical, in the theatre or the arts, painting, or anything really that showcases your creativity.

It’s also the time to throw yourself into romance and perhaps with more abandon than you usually would. Not leaving your common sense at the door though, of course, but you might be more likely to throw at least some caution to the wind as you go.

You might even be uttering those three little words because you feel moved to do so. Romance might be slightly offbeat or unexpected, but exciting.

Jupiter in Taurus for Aquarius

As for you Aquarius, all I can say is that Jupiter in Taurus helps concentrate most of your energy into what’s happening within your own four walls.

Your faith in someone that you’re kind of addicted to could be restored or dissolved, or you become lucky when you stop trying to control everything and relax.

Jupiter’s hiding at the bottom of your horoscope, in your homeliest zone. As well as shining a light on your deepest emotions and drives and your family ties, it also highlights your home comforts. One of the literal interpretations of this planet here is upsizing, or giving your home the feeling of new space.

Or you might be trying to understand yourself more, from the ground, up. This is toe-to-top energy and this can help you if someone’s abandoned you to work something out all by yourself.

Jupiter in Taurus for Pisces

You must think I’m a terrible flirt! Well, yes Pisces, I do. And I love it. And Jupiter in Taurus for you. This is a fun and chatty part of the chart and one that brings easy-going energy into your world.

Chatting about things is where you excel broadly speaking this year, and making good decisions when it comes to your relationship with neighbours and your local community as well as siblings and other relatives.

You might get wind of something that’ll change the direction of your love luck, but you must be on board with it, and dalliances can be just as meaningful and honest and enriching as longer-term connections.

In a relationship? You might find that communication improves between you when you stop trying so hard and take the pressure off. You could find that you have the luxury of being able to think about and revive fun things that you used to enjoy doing together, and not too far from home.