Hello again and welcome to my first February blog. I thought I’d touch on the collective love horoscope and give you a few astrological reasons to love February aside from it playing host to Valentine’s Day of course.

Love astrology: as above, so below

It’s the most romantic month of the year, and the saying ‘as above, so below’ resonates so vividly and beautifully this month when it comes to love astrology.


Because, and I’ll try not to get too technical here because astrology is a complex and often bewildering practice, love planet Venus meets dreamy Neptune in Pisces early doors on 15th February. But we’ll all feel this energy chiefly on Valentine’s Day as it starts building to its heartfelt crescendo.

Yes, this is a deeply romantic energy and while it’s not going to melt everybody into a big pile of goo, it will bring out the softness in loving connections and help even the hardest or cynical of hearts get into the spirit of the day.

The fact it’s in Pisces is why your love horoscope for Valentine’s Day 2023 is pretty universal regardless of your star sign. It’s the twelfth and final sign, and as such contains a little piece of all the other signs, like a dreamcatcher.

It has a spiritual dimension to it too of course and this is another reason this Zodiac activity binds is all together as one, because this is what Pisces is also about, and this is hyped further by the involvement of Neptune, ruler of Pisces, high in the mix.

There’s perhaps a deeper hidden meaning or out-and-out meaningfulness to Valentine’s Day this year and this might mean greater thoughtfulness that comes in the from of action from some as well as words from others because Neptune can tend us toward over egging the pudding and hyperbole and seeing the romance in absolutely everything. Even the mundane.

But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and planning and seeing the good in people and in a shared future even though you might feel some of it’s a stretch. This is a time to aim high.

Self deception can also creep in here, but self-love can trump it, by making us more self-aware, aided and abetted by keeping both feet in the ground throughout.

And speaking of which…

Sun conjunct Saturn: reality bites

Hot on the heels of the Venus and Neptune show comes the fusing of two other stars of the sky when the sun and grounded warts-and-all reality planet Saturn meet in progressive Aquarius on 16th February.

People often panic at any mention of Saturn, and whenever I seem to mention it during my private consultations I can see the look of trepidation come over the face of my client. But the fact of the matter is Saturn is a magnificent planet for energising us all and helping to make plans stick. And especially when it’s given that extra bit of oomph from the sun.

And what better follow up to that Venus-Neptune energy that could so easily be squandered otherwise.

Those sweet nothings whispered won’t come to nothing. Plans will stick by taking shape and form. If someone has promised to start being more thoughtful and kind, this is exactly the right energy flow to prevent these promises from hollowing out.

You couldn’t ask for a better bedfellow energy really.

Is someone about to put a ring on it?

Saturn’s rings don’t only represent confinement, remember! They signal permanence and the shaping of enduring plans that are built on a bedrock of shared values, life and relationship goals rather than shifting sands.

That’s what you’ve got to love February folks – there a takeaway for everybody here. A chance to make a break with the past and see life through those rose-tinted glasses without falling through any cracks in the pavement.

Stay tuned for my next blog. It’s a Q&A about how I started my psychic journey, including a few famous faces that I’ve read over the years.



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