We caught up with trusted psychic Frank Pilkington during a rare window in his busy schedule to find out where his psychic journey began and which famous people he’s read over the years among other things…

Real psychic: Please can you tell us about one or two of your first psychic experiences?


Over the years there have been many. The first one I truly remember is telling my mum to take in washing as it was gong to rain. The sun was splitting the stones and my mum said ‘what on earth are you on about?’ And I said, ‘the voice in the bathroom told me’. I was about five at the time.

You can imagine the look that I got. Twenty minutes later, a thunder storm.

My mum was never really the same with me after that.

Around the age of eight, in the classroom, my teacher came in with a new pendant. Most of the kids in the class were admiring it and I said I like your photograph and she put her hand on it and asked me what was inside and I said, ‘you holding a baby on one side and on the other, you holding a baby with a man’ and she opened it and there was nothing in it. I remember at the time being so convinced, which leads me to the second question…

Best psychic in the UK: Was it overwhelming when you first realised you had the gift?

I predicted by accident. I was 15 at the time and I really don’t want to go into it but for me, it was really quite terrifying. I went then to my local priest and told him of what had happened and I really did think I was going to be burnt at the stake like Joan of Arc for hearing voices.

He asked me had I ever experienced anything like this before and I told him about the pendant, and he said, ‘I’ve blessed that pendant and on one side was a picture of her and her daughter and on the other, her, her daughter and her uncle. So yes, I was a little overwhelmed by that one.

It took me a long to accept this gift.

Psychic readings UK: Could you please tell us about some of the famous people you’ve read over the years?


Yes, over the years I’ve had many famous people through the door or I’ve gone to them. But like most people, they don’t particularly broadcast that they’re seeing a psychic and I respect that.

But there have ben one or two that have been in print so far, so I can name them. The big man himself, Linford Chrsitie, Colin Jackson and Fatima Whitbread. They all seemed to come at once. I read two of them in one day.

I’ve also read one of the Loose Women.

I had a lot of issues over the years with editors of magazines that wished me to expose what went on in the readings and with whom and of course, what happens in my readings is private and always remains so.

Psychic uk: People can book you for parties where you do a number of readings in succession, as well as personal appearances. Do you find that the atmosphere changes in collectives compared to your one-on-one consultations?

No, the atmospheres aren’t that different and yes, I do parties for people and I have to say, I’m now rather selective.

I will travel within reason.

I find that every individual reading is always different. I had a couple of weeks ago, two people, one from America, one from the north of Scotland and when they arrived I asked them both what time they got up that morning.

One said 7:30 and the other 7:45.

To the 7:30 I said, you will be first as I was woken at the same time this morning by someone that wished to talk with you. This person had one of the worst passings to the other side imaginable and she was blighted with illness and had a really sad passing and I was sat with the pain all day as it was a desperately sad passing and the woman said ‘that’s my sister.’

Real mediums: Is psychic ability something you’re born with or can it be developed?

In my case, I was through a door and didn’t’ know there was a door. Many are called and few are chosen, I feel, and yet you can develop and that is a very important way to develop your own spiritual and connection to the universe.

A literal mind can sometimes stop people because the development of psychic and logical minds find it hard to walk through that door.

A lot of people develop through tarot and circle work.  But I would say that a healing group is a good way in.

Best mediums uk: Would you like to return to live touring?

All I’ll say is watch this space.




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