Hello again. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the blog lately, with one of you calling it ‘the best astrology site’ – high praise indeed. Let’s get to it and discuss this full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on 28th October. For a start, eclipse effects last a lot longer than a day, we’re talking months here.

How are you doing after the new moon solar eclipse in Libra on the 14th of October? Are you feeling renewed? Did something shift a gear in your relationships? Has the status quo returned? Or perhaps the cold hard metal of those Libran scales meant that a few tough decisions had to be taken. And don’t ever write Libra off as soft like marshmallow. This is one tough cookie.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus

We’re about to experience another shot in the arm of eclipse energy. This time it’s a full moon lunar eclipse in the other Venus-ruled sign, Taurus. The Bull likes peace, but his nostrils are flaring at the prospect of the change that he’s already sniffing in the air. This may be curtain-down on eclipse season, but things are far from stable in the sky – as above, so below, and you don’t need me to spell out all the horrors around us in the world today.

This brings me to Mars. Now in Scorpio, this warlike planet can get up to all sorts of things under cover of darkness. Flying under the radar. Get ready for some stealth-like energy manifestations in your life and on the world stage.

As the ancient ruler of Scorpio, this is a very powerful placement for Mars, and yet it’s sensitive too, so you could find that there are some deep and meaningful chats and some grassroots-up transformative changes happening in you and your close personal relationships. And with the lunar nodes also not that long moved, the north node into Aries and the south node into Libra, all our relationships are on a bit of a spin cycle.

And all of this sets the stage for Pluto in Aquarius in 2024. Power to the people. Perhaps we’re going to see our relationships with one another improve just like global relations as we exalt that which truly matters in this world, and all that Aquarius stands for – humanitarianism and the collective.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus sign by sign

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Aries

Feeling hungry? This eclipse gives you a healthy appetite for success and fuels your self-worth and self-belief and you will be shining with all kinds of new values as well as old ones. This happens in part of the horoscope where change might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. You might have been nurturing the worth and the dreams of others over your own and this will act as the watershed and wake up you up, like splashing some on your face. You’re on the ball when it comes to the embroidering of the truth, tall tales and the like because by the light of this eclipse, both your feet are firmly planted on the ground and this is how you spot any wool being pulled over your eyes at ten paces.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Taurus

There’s a homecoming feeling to this energy. A rounding-off. Whereas a normal full moon is like a trip to the supermarket, this one is a spree at the hypermarket. As you weigh things up and maintain your focus on all things unique to you, like home and finance and relationships and acquisitions, you’re more likely to be able to draw clearer distinctions between them all. Perhaps you have been seeing a partner as a possession or an asset lately and looking right through them. Or is it you that has felt this way? It’s all change! So get ready. But don’t quiver at the prospect, or shake in your boots, because this is a change express you will be more than happy to hop on!

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Gemini

This might be a partial eclipse but where your instincts and intuition are concerned, your headlights are far from dipped. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with your spiritual self or your higher self even if this is not your usual bag and you tend to baulk at the thought of spending more time with your emotions. Sometimes, destiny can arrive at your door like a big brass band, or it can arrive like a gentle whisper. This eclipse favours the whisper option for you, Gemini. This might also herald the end of what may have been a time of solitude that was probably self-imposed. Why punish yourself for circumstances outside of your control? You can move in from the emotional outskirts at any time.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Cancer

Friends come and go. Relationships wax and wane. Maybe this full moon lunar eclipse is like a giant full stop at the end of a chapter in one of your friendships? Is it time to let go, no hard feelings? It’s tricky not to take any kind of relationship breakdown or disintegration personally, but there’s empowerment in letting go with brass knobs on. Or seeing how things are toward the end of the year. And with Mars in your sister sign of Scorpio right now, the fun and feel-good factors are being amped right up. Be sociable. Reach out to friends that you still do feel a connection to. You might also think about joining a group of some description and I feel that you will shine in such a dynamic.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Leo

As the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus shines at the top of your chart, it washes away doubt that has been in your head ready for a new start in your career, or in how you are perceived in certain scenarios. This is a time to make something out of nothing and to plumb those depths if needs be, as this part of the horoscope is also opposite your home and family zone and your most private self. You might go either way in fact, so which is it going to be: up or down? Sink or swim? Light or shade? Maybe there will be some fluctuations on the way, but you will find your level so please have trust in yourself and your abilities – dual stabilising factors during eclipse season.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Virgo

As the moon turns full and the power of the eclipse switches on, so do your expectations and your longings for something different. Have you been feeling a bit hemmed in or like your lust for life has been chipped away at by the dogmas of others or the outside world? Do you feel down at heel? You have a great and vivid imagination and keen intellect, yet you can keep yourself in your lane out of modesty. But this eclipse blows all this out of the water if you want it to. And here’s the thing: you have the power. Just like He-Man. It’s not so much of a stretch to imagine yourself making a difference to your worldview as well as a splash at the same time, is it?

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Libra

As you and Taurus are both Venus-ruled signs, you kind of get a bit of VIP treatment whenever there’s any celestial activity happening in this earthy, sensual, lusty sign. This eclipse is a case in point. You could be feeling something so acutely and so sharply yet the world wouldn’t know it. For others, this signposts change, but for you, it’s the Megabus of change. Truly transformative, this energy blesses you with the power to change someone else’s life and experience as much as your own. It also shapes quite a new and fuller emotional experience that doesn’t feel quite so cavernous and echoey all over. Get ready to be seduced by an idea or a person.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Scorpio

Well, hello Scorpio! This eclipse gets things all hot and steamy in your relationship zone and just kind of amplifies everything, like lust and desire, and once all that has been taken care of, a deeper need to relate and to connect. To form or revive the partnership aspects that may have been a bit absent lately, perhaps? Or, if you’re single and have been kind of stuck in a rut kind of half wanting to meet someone and half not, this is the energy surge you have been waiting for. A sociable autumn beckons. You are radiating that charisma that only your sign can, and especially now that the sun is in you sign.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Sagittarius

You’re the sign with ants in your pants but this eclipse brings stillness in some respects and a chance to change something about your daily routine that you might have fallen out of love with. This could be a gradual winding up of something or you might decide to stop it dead overnight. This is a healthy body healthy mind full moon lunar eclipse for you Sagittarius, and you might be quiet around the time of it, as a sense of the spiritual grips you. Or you might discover that the devil in the detail isn’t quite as arduous as you thought if you’ve been putting something off that requires you to examine the small print. You might also develop a shorthand with someone at work that you have been struggling with.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Capricorn

As Victoria Wood wrote for Julie Walters in one of her sketches, ‘This may be Hamlet but it’s got to be fun, fun, fun!’ and this kind of sums up this sky for you, Capricorn. Anything in your sister sign of Taurus spells fun for you and permits you to let loose and check out more recreational stuff that you can do in between all that work you’re so fond of, and structure. But you have as much of a need to colour outside the lines as the next sign. This eclipse energy is the rounding off of something that is perhaps connected to your grown-up kids, so if one of them has been going through it, then things might ease up in the weeks following this full-moon lunar eclipse in Taurus.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Aquarius

Tucked up in bed at 9 pm with TikTok or a few snacks and Netflix sounds like bliss during this Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, because it’s the home and creature comforts that beckon you big time. This tells me that you might have had to slum it a bit in the lead-up to the full moon, or that there might have been something that displaced you in some way, but now, thanks to this celestial reset, all is quiet on the homefront. A closeness or an emotional intimacy that you might have lacked could be revived when you talk about the past and this will be a deeply nostalgic time for you in many ways. There’s something wholesome about this time for you too, and the weeks that follow.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus for Pisces

What you say to someone might linger long after the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, so measure your words carefully. You might need to be part of a community or neighbourhood. This might mean you getting involved in some community stuff or seeing neighbours more at the time the moon is full, which I know sounds a bit bizarre, but just you wait and see. Relatives like siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins might also figure out a bit more than usual. Plans are prone to changing last minute and there is a stop-start energy around you for the weeks following the eclipse. But you will also be sparked into action and feeling energised mentally by what is going on in the sky. You’re as sharp as they come.



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