As if March couldn’t get any more dramatic in the sky.

Is the end of the month time to take a chance on change?

If you’re late to my blog party, check out my first March blog here for a refresher on Saturn’s move into Pisces and Pluto shifting into Aquarius and what it means for you and the world at large.

As one of the UK’s most renowned psychic-astrologers, I can look at both practices separately or fuse them, and there’s a bit of the psychic and the astrologer pouring into this blog.

I can’t control when my psychic visions and senses kick in, and especially where unpredictable Uranus is concerned.

And March ends with Venus and mighty Uranus getting together in Taurus for what we astrologers call a conjunction.

This means the planet of sudden and dramatic change meets the planet of love at exactly the same place in the most rock-solid, feet-on-the-ground sign in which planets and energies are usually stabilised.

Except Uranus.

Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus: are we all more resistant to change?

Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus: are we all more resistant to change to start with?

All depends on where these planets sit in your horoscope, but what unites us all is the sudden potential energising force of this astrology aspect, right out of the blue – and not all rocking boats are a bad thing, or anything to fear.

In other words, we can’t escape the effects of Uranus, so some changes are highly likely, or the start of them.

Astrology psychic reading: What might this mean for your relationship?

Relationships must bend in order to change and evolve, and because this is happening in Taurus, it’s this part that might be the fly in the ointment for some.

Taurus is what we call a fixed sign. They don’t like the thought of change or feeling like things are running away from them or that they aren’t the ones in control.

But Venus is also the ruler of Taurus so it’s in a happy place in this sign, and whenever Uranus sees a status quo or something that might need shaking up, it steams on in there, and that’s why I see scenarios at the end of March, or on the lead up to it, where the best-laid plans go out of the window, or where you won’t be able to put a finger on how you’re feeling.

Like you’re all at sixes and sevens.

So, how are you supposed to even try and attempt to even second guess how somebody else is feeling in light of such scattered energy?

It could be that someone lays their cards on the table thanks to a mini tornado of change sweeping in and carrying them along.

Is an old lingering issue in a relationship or friendship that taking away from the fun? Uranus can turn the fun factor back on.

Venus in Taurus is also about pleasure and luxury and genuinely feeling that self worth that radiates out of you and encourages others to treat you accordingly.

The novelty might wear off a connection or attraction if it’s not cutting the mustard, or holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

Uranus also stand for dynamism and re-igniting passions.

Best horoscope in the UK: Spring awakenings

Spring awakenings tie in as neatly as any energy can do with unruly Uranus in play, and that’s why this horoscope is one of the most unique to you.

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