Welcome to my first September blog. I hope life’s fun and fab. 

Is lucky Jupiter turning retrograde bad luck? is a question I get asked from time to time so let’s take a look. 

 This cosmic giant did an about-turn on September 4th, and is now fully fledged retrograde (it takes the energies a while to settle) and he will remain facing the wrong way around until the last day of the year.

But don’t panic. We aren’t about to run out of luck – even with Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, and Mercury all retrograde too. Mercury’s only got a few more days before he’s back on track, mind.

People ask me all the time what it means when Mercury is retrograde and you can read all about it here in my previous blog because this one is about Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, so here goes.

I want to first say that Jupiter’s energy needs to go large all the time, is impatient to get there, wants to know everything and can’t hold things in. But when you put this energy into slow-moving Taurus, it’s going to meet a lot of resistance.

Taurus is the tortoise, Jupiter the hare.

I have written this look at how Jupiter retrograde will affect all the star signs and rising signs.

Contact me for your birth chart if you don’t know your rising sign. 

What Jupiter retrograde means for Aries (or Aries rising)


Jupiter retrograde for you Aries, will likely bring to light issues connected to your self-worth and your finances and what’s important and that which you attach value to. And where you might have felt bigger was better and you had to keep on striving for that promotion or adding that extension to your house or getting that new kitchen, you might slow down and start smelling the roses, awash with a greater appreciation for all that you have.

Or you might attach value to different qualities, both in yourself, and in your friends, as well as what you’re looking for in romance. You might have been confusing money with wealth, and this may leave you feeling a lot more enriched in different ways.

What Jupiter retrograde means for Taurus (or Taurus rising)


As an earth sign, you’re in constant touch with the material world, but it’s amazing what this planet can do for you when it’s retrograde. Life isn’t going to be featureless or lack oomph just because he’s heading backwards. You are still the star of the show and are still blessed with Jupiter’s bounty, it’s just that you might have to take two steps back during the next few months to take six steps forward next year.

If you have been separating all different parts of your life or thinking that you have to keep on going for appearance’s sake, you can halt this, and perhaps revive something from your past that you really loved doing but had to park for responsibility’s sake.

Or you find that you can bring back fun into your life under this transit.

What Jupiter retrograde means for Gemini (or Gemini rising)


You always have your eye on the future but things kind of melt away from a frantic pace, as there’s a lovely silence to this energy. A meditative quality. When we talk all the time we don’t hear others, and there will be plenty of time for you to hear others and to fly under the radar a bit more now so that you can focus on aspects of life that you might feel require your attention.

This brings you to a state of inner peace, yet it’s not boring, but instead reminds you that all we really have is the here and now. This is also a time of reparation and you might find that you are forgiving people from your past or that you are forgiven for something in the past when Jupiter is retrograde like this.

What Jupiter retrograde means for Cancer (or Cancer rising)


You’re a nostalgic sign and so you, of all the signs, perhaps respond best to retrograde planets and their energy. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus spotlights friendship or how you participate in groups. On a practical level, this could mean that old friendships are revived or someone gets in touch with you quite out of the blue, or that you just as spontaneously decide to revisit an old idea where you were going to join a group or some noble cause.

You might also find that you are looking back at old photos more and wondering what old friends that you knew many moons ago are up to. There is luck and expansion ahead in your independent life, and this has nothing to do with your romance and your relationships. You often invest your all in romantic ties, but this energy might encourage you to exalt friendship more.

What Jupiter retrograde means for Leo (or Leo rising)


You love being the star of the show, even if you’re at the more reticent end of the Leo spectrum. There are many victories to be won with Jupiter at the very top of your horoscope, and this energy might present as a boost to what you had previously imagined was a kick. You might find that if you were overlooked for a promotion, there’s something happens that paves the way to you getting a second crack at the whip.

You might also feel that someone is looking elsewhere for advice or inspiration, or that you are, as this energy kind of shifts the hierarchy of things, and the patterns and the pecking order. And this is liberating. It’s a great leveller. You can live on levels of involvement and detachment.

What Jupiter retrograde means for Virgo (or Virgo rising)


You are most likely going to get a philosophical itch and start thinking about the past more and this may verge on overthinking if you’re not careful. You can’t change it but you can move on from it.

You have a lot of questions but you might not get the answers in the coming months, and that’s okay. Sometimes there is no explanation other than ‘just because’. This is a time for new learning, or laying the foundations for such. You might be looking for a course of study that you looked at doing in the past but perhaps either lacked the confidence or the time to fully immerse yourself in. Or you could be investigating a move or making a change to your life, including thinking about moving back somewhere you used to live.


What Jupiter retrograde means for Libra (or Libra rising)


There’s a big difference between what is happening on the inside compared to the outside, for all of us, and this Jupiter is about to churn up some reflectiveness and you plumbing some depths yet the world at large won’t even see a flicker. Now, and I mean this with love Libra, this isn’t something that you spend much time doing.

You prefer to sweet stuff under the carpet and lead a lovely Libran airy life and this is not going to change, but you are perhaps going to develop more of a shorthand with someone that you are connected to very strongly, or perhaps this is something that may develop between now and December. Especially if you’re looking for love, but not really looking. 

It may find you.

What Jupiter retrograde means for Scorpio (or Scorpio rising)


Jupiter retrograde in your opposite sign might help you to see people in an old light – they might capture some spirit that they used to have, some enthusiasm that was curbed by something a long time ago. A spark that re-ignites your curiosity once more.

If any of your relationships need some attention, this is the ideal opportunity. You can bring evolution not revolution, and this doesn’t mean that things won’t be spontaneous or that you must bombard one another with what you’re thinking. You can go about this subtly.

If you have been comparing yourself with others, this might be just the excuse you need to stop. But this is not a time for overthinking about the shadow-you. We all have a shadow side, and it’s okay to acknowledge this from time to time, as it’s from this point that we find the fly in the ointment, and then you can work things out so that this doesn’t repeat. 

What Jupiter retrograde means for Sagittarius (or Sagittarius rising)


Jupiter is your ruling planet, so will likely feel this energy strongly. It’s your day-to-day activities that might slow down for you, and you being you, this is no bad thing. You can take more time to really think things through and not jump in with both feet, in your usual eager way.

You are very honest by nature, but nobody can be completely honest all the time, and it’s okay to move on and gloss over things. If you get too indulgent, you will, quite rightly say, that’s enough of that. And with this planet in this part of your chart, you can get caught up in self-criticism so please be kind to yourself and go with the flow sometimes, as you can’t always know how something is going to turn out. 

What Jupiter retrograde means for Capricorn (or Capricorn rising)


Jupiter retrograde for you Capricorn, is a fun energy, believe it or not. Especially if you have been pushing down your need for having a ball in favour of working or heavy responsibility or striving to climb some ladder or other. You might revisit something that you used to for recreation and then incorporate it back into your routine long after Jupiter is facing the right way.

Or will you be spending more time with your grown-up kids if things have gotten in the way of this lately, or this is a chance to repair a relationship if needs be? If you used to paint,draw, or play an instrument, or act, and it fell by the wayside, this is your chance to revive it and then sticking it longer-term next year. 

What Jupiter retrograde means for Aquarius (or Aquarius rising)


This planet has a lot to say about family and home and this is a great opportunity to restore something that you feel has lost its way. Like spending more time having fun like you used to do. Or restoring a sense of homeliness if scenarios have hardened into being rigid, austere or non-communicative.

This is a time to reach deep within for that Aquarian courage. You are stronger with this planet going backwards, believe it or not, because it will serve to remind you just how much of the stuff you can muster when you have to, as you have done in the past. 

This is also a chase to restore something about your house that you might have missed since you got rid of it, so don’t be surprised if you try to recreate how a room used to be, or one from your childhood where you felt anything was possible.

What Jupiter retrograde means for Pisces (or Pisces rising)


Your mind will be buzzing with ideas but rather than hold your nose and jump, Jupiter retrograde gives you a kind of buffer that you can use to really assess things from a variety of angles. You might find that something changes in your relationships with neighbours or siblings, or people on the outskirts of your family.

This energy takes you beyond your usual confines too, though, if you let it, and, again, encourages you to lay strong foundations rather than run at it and then lose interest. You need fun in your life in the coming months and to know that things are fluid in your life and you are not getting stuck in any type of rut. 

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