Hello again. I wanted to reach out to you all with some more psychic musings for 2023.

Best psychic UK: Connect with your own psychic abilities

This is one of those years where we will connect with psychic abilities in lots of different forms. For some, it’s a matter of a connection to spirit and you then relay what you’re being told or shown, whatever it is you feel is paramount.

For others, it’s knowing who is calling you on the phone before you pick it up, or you think about someone that then suddenly turns up.

The downside to this is a ringing in your ear and not being able to sleep, or sore bones. A lot of this could be put down to Saturn’s influence too of course!


But when it comes to Neptune in Pisces, this stimulates the spiritual as well as psychic, the veil between our worlds has thinned and this is aiding and abetting psychic powers. But you must be sensible with it. You can’t just come out with what you feel. You must be aware of your responsibility before you give your message.


Best mediums UK: 2023 is about diminishing ego

Tarot, healing, mediumship, it’s a very direct time and we are all connecting to higher vibrations.

If you’re able to, join a healing circle or similar group to help you deal with this and diminishing your ego and seeing the bigger picture. Sometimes it’s like trying to tune a radio with the signal rising and falling and that’s where meditation comes in, or when you ask spirit for help to tune in again, likewise being in that group dynamic.

Should you ever feel your psychic visions are dimming at any juncture, or your psychic connection, that’s because we must all suffer the slings and arrows of poverty during this cost of living crisis. Feet on the ground is always my core message when using or being around psychic ability.

Practical considerations can’t ever be abandoned, and especially so now.

I’d like to leave you with these final words before signing off for another blog: if you cannot help then don’t hinder. Use your psychic connectivity responsibly. These energies are going to be working through us a lot in 2023.

Keep it real. Keep it caring.

Until next time,



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