I can cast a horoscope for anything with a beginning – like a new home, the day the contract is signed.

If it’s a Pisces or Leo house, you’re likely to feel more creative or moved by what your inner voice tells you. If it’s a Virgo home, you might be more prone to do it up and sell it on.

Let me illustrate what I mean, using astrology and numerology.

If your house is Aries


This house will be a fun and energising place to live. You might find that you are inspired to keep starting projects and if you can’t see them through, then you might get somebody else to step in.

Otherwise, you might find that you’re walking into rooms and wanting to shut the door as it’s just a maze of half-finished projects.

This is also a house of lively debate and fun and parties and where you might also find that you don’t mind being alone, even if you’re a social animal.

If your house is Taurus


If it’s a Taurus home, you might find that you’re successful in making money or that the house strongly appreciates in value.

This is also a house for enjoying all life’s physical pleasures – Taurus is a sensual and seductive sign and one that loves and lives for the luxuriant side of life.

Your Taurean home might also have a lot of green in it and have a kind of more luxuriant look and feel, even if this isn’t your usual style.

If your house is Gemini


Fun, socialising, parties, good ideas. Meetings with neighbours. Seeing more of your family. Lots of tech, perhaps? Welcome to your Gemini home.

You might also find that the kitchen table is where most people gather, and not just at meal times. This is the beating heart of the home, and it’s a home that thrives on communication as well as newness and change.

You might decorate rooms more than you really need because you quickly tire of the decor and are continually being inspired with new ideas.

If your house is Cancer


This a likely to be a cosy home. A traditional home. There might be a feeling of nostalgia here, with old photos or pieces of furniture. It’s likely got a lived-in look and feel to it, but in a good way.

You might get fed here if you’re a guest and if it’s your home, you might find that the kitchen is large or the focal point of the house.

Cooking is a big deal and that saying  ‘the family that eats together stays together’ resonates here.

If your house is Leo


Keep those home fires burning!

A Leo house is warm and glamorous. There might be an above-average number of mirrors and lots of light and largesse, and you must think big wherever Leo plays a big part.

There might also be big curtains or something equally as theatrical, and this may also mean that there is an area that you might call a stage, like a raised part in the living room.

Think opulence and drama when it comes to the furnishings!

If your house is Virgo


Get ready to roll up your sleeves in a Virgo house.

This is about as far away from the house that Jack built as you can get. This is a house where everything should work, and if it doesn’t, attention to detail will make it happen.

This is also a house of cleanliness and order where there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place. There might be some quite ingenious space-saving and streaming devices in the Virgo house and lots of little nooks and crannies to explore.

A focus on efficiency too, like lots of insulation or other energy-saving devices.

If your house is Libra


Think tranquillity and peace. That’s your typical Libra home.

Tasteful and with a balanced energy, this is not a place for confrontations. It’s also a social space and might be arranged as such with lots of chairs and space for people to enjoy themselves.

The Libra house is a home and also provides a good energy for partnerships to flourish and grow and you might find that if you move into a Libra house, your romantic prospects improve or your relationship does.


If your house is Scorpio


There might be something hidden about the Scorpio house. Like behind trees. Or behind a high fence, or people might not be able to find it easily. This may also be your sanctuary, your refuge from the world where you can close the door on it and be truly yourself.

This house may also enjoy a view that is not overlooked so that you feel completely secure in what you do at home.

There might also be some secret part to this house, that others don’t know, or secrets will be shared because Scorpio is the dominant energy here.

Perhaps this house will feature something concerted to water too.

If your house is Sagittarius


Hello, chaos! Hello, Sagittarius house! A lucky house for you in many ways.

This is a house that might give you the wanderlust and once bitten by the travel bug, you might start filling this house with mementoes from your travels, and this house will have an expansive feel to it.

Lots of space and a non-oppressive atmosphere. You might also find that you’re drawn to royal blues and purples when it comes to the decor, or that these colours suit this house.

You might also need some book shelves in this house as you might go back to studying or take it up for the first time, as this is also the sign of the higher mind.

If your house is Capricorn


Structured, ordered, and perhaps the result of some hard work, this is your Capricorn house.

Capricorn house energy is about working hard and playing hard and there could be something quiet and still about this house that brings you a sense of comfort and security.

Decor-wise, monochrome might look good here, or a traditionalist approach, not necessarily opulent though, because Capricorn is a restrained sign and a classy one.

Mad parties might not really fit very well either, but smaller more intimate gatherings with friends might be more like it, not like starchy and stuffy dinner parties or anything. You might also wish to impress or use this house as some type of status symbol.

If your house is Aquarius


Your Aquarius house will doubtless have something unusual about it. Perhaps the layout?

Or you might find that you have some eccentric neighbours or that the house baffles other people.
But this is a friendly house, a sociable space, and one where you likely get lots of great ideas, and perhaps make new friends with your neighbours?

But you might also like to keep a bit of a distance with them too. Aquarius is a contradictory sign.

Decor-wise, think avant-garde and you going out on a limb a bit. You might not have dared to go all out with a colour scheme that you have always dreamed of, but this house seems to give you the confidence to do it.

If your house is Pisces


Your Pisces house may have something strong connected to water, either in the garden or because it looks out onto water. If it’s minus either of those, you might be including a water feature of your own, or looking at the principles of Feng shui.

Your Pisces house energy is likely deeply spiritual calming and gentle. You might invest in a dreamcatcher for this house, or use herbs and various other scented candles to create a sense of calm and of this being your space.

You might also use this house to help others, by letting someone stay for an extended time that is down on their luck.

Numerology and house numbers


And here’s a very quick look at how numerology works with your home.

Numerology House Number 1

One is the start of a journey. A positive new beginning? It also speaks of ambition and independence. Perhaps you will live here alone?

Numerology House Number 2

House number 2 brings a harmonious home life and lots of fruitful times emotionally and perhaps  multi-generational living even.

Numerology House Number 3

Get ready to be creative and run with your natural talents. This might be a home of new learning and self-expression and lots of fun family gatherings.

Numerology House Number 4

Stability and security are associated with house number 4. Think the building of strong foundations for the future and being a bit canny too.

Numerology House Number 5

The number 5 brings strong and vibrant energy and can often indicate a new and fun stage of life. This is also the number of imagination and you might also be driven to break new ground creatively.

Numerology House Number 6

House number 6 is usually a great environment in which to raise a family, have pets and enjoy a lovely family life. This is also a house of service, so you might find that your career takes a new turn.

Numerology House Number 7

Seven indicates a change for the better. There is clarity here and a sense of personal ambition but always with a focus on your relationship with others at the same time.

Numerology House Number 8

Eight is associated with success. It’s about abundance and ambition. This might also mean that there’s financial freedom, or you might find that prosperity arrives in a different guise.

Numerology House Number 9

Families who stay in house number 9 are blessed with compassion and kindness and there’s also something spiritual about this number.

Numerology House Number 10

Ten is a number that has infinite possibilities, and moving into a number 10 house might mean the completion of a cycle.

Numerology House Number 11

The number 11 is one of the most magical numbers in the world of numerology, a lucky number. The owner of this house might be destined for big things.

Numerology House Number 12

This is a safe choice for a home. A kind of neutral one. This may be a stop-gap or a springboard to something new.

Numerology House Number 13

Is the number 13 lucky or unlucky? I believe that it’s immensely lucky and energies could empower you within this house.

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