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Sometimes predictions take a while to materialise, despite being Scotland’s best psychic, such is the nature of shifting energies, and you can save these horoscopes on your phone or computer to refer back to at your leisure. 

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Star sign videos

What does my future hold? How is my relationship looking? Will I get a new job? How does my partner truly feel about me? Will summertime bring romance? Which is the best path to take? 

Just a few of the questions I get asked, and you will get the answers to these and many more when you sign up for my astrology videos.

Will your Aries video horoscope signal that impulse is a good thing in this instance or should you hold your horses? 

Could your Taurus video horoscope bring you answers about love and relationships? Are you about to lighten up on love? Could a new home be on the cards? 

Perhaps your Gemini video horoscope will set you free from those subconscious worries that have been giving you sleepless nights.

Your Cancer video horoscope could bring you some news on the home and family front, or perhaps it’s friends that need you right now, or you them? 

My Leo video horoscope could set you on a new path toward career heights that includes unlocking your creativity in some way.

Watching your Virgo video horoscope might inspire you to see the bigger picture rather than get bogged down in the detail of things.

Maybe your Libra video horoscope will deliver a bolt of decisiveness or make you err less on the side of cautious people-pleasing and go for it in the name of you!

Your Scorpio video horoscope could be about identifying where your destiny lies if your energies have been scattered lately.

My Sagittarius video horoscope might bring you to a conclusion that’s been percolating away for a while but that you’ve been looking the other way from.

The weekly or monthly Capricorn video horoscope could shed light on something from the past that also illuminates a clearer path ahead.

Calling all water bearers. Your Aquarius video horoscope might bring you the reassurance that you need privately but are not really all that keen to make public.

And finally, your Pisces video horoscope often has a spiritual element to it. A touch of magic, reflecting how you’re perceived? Or are you looking for a way out of one of your fantasy bubbles?


Psychic astrologer

I’m a psychic astrologer too of course, and we don’t grow on trees. Most astrologers are simply that. Ditto most psychics, tarot readers and so on, whereas I combine all three in my star sign video horoscopes, so I’m what you might call a triple threat.

Any messages I receive when I shoot the videos, and, trust me, this is the rule than the exception, they could be for you, and I do find that either this is instantly recognised and taken by the person it’s meant for when they first watch the video, or it might take a week or two to resonate.

Again, I love it when I hear back from one of my subscribers to tell me that a prediction has landed.

Tarot card reading

I have been reading tarot for longer than I care to remember, and it’s great to see how many people are taking it up now on the likes of TikTok. They’re only at the start of their tarot journey. This is a practice in time, a lifelong discipline.

The cards can add context and timescales to your video horoscope readings, as well as attach themselves to individual energies of people.  The tarot also ties in with my astrology practice, so it all synthesises in the end, making my video horoscopes really rather unique.

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